Learners License: Skills for Passing Your K53 Learners

A driver about to make a right turn, according to the traffic rules  of South Africa,  must signal that they are about to do so, but only when they are in the proper lane.. In addition before making the turn, drivers are obliged to follow all the traffic signs and signals of the junction.  Before actually making the turn drivers must ensure that they have given right of way to pedestrians, emergency vehicles or any other vehicles that are currently situated on the intersection.


The right turn law is a major constituent of South Africa’s road traffic laws, and questions regarding them are liable to come up during a  Learners License exam. 









Learners License – Durban South Africa

Learners LicenseApplying for your learners license can be both complicated and time consuming. In this article we answer your questions on what you need to take with you and what requirements must be met when applying for a learners license in Durban, South Africa. It is advisable to be well prepared and we aim to make sure that the process is as easy and efficient for you as possible.


Applying for a Learners License


A learners license must be applied for in person. You will need to present your ID book or
passport, two identical, passport- sized photos (in black and white or colour) and money for
the learners license application fee. You will also need to fill out a Form LL1 and pass an eyesight test.


You will then be able to book a date and time for a learners license test; the test may either
be written or done on a computer, depending on the testing station - you should check this
when booking. Your knowledge of the rules of the road, road traffic signs and vehicle controls will be tested.


The age of a learners license applicant in South Africa must be:

● 16 years old for motorbikes - less than 125 cc
● 17 years old for light motor vehicle - not more than 3 500kg
● 18 years old for all other vehicles


The Learners License Test


The receipt for the learners license must be presented when you write your test. The learners
license test is divided into the three sections and the questions and answers are presented in
a multiple choice format, there is a minimum number of correct answers which must be given in each section:

● Rules of the road – 30 questions, 22 questions must be answered correctly
● Road signs, signals and markings – 30 questions, 23 questions must be answered correctly
● Vehicle controls – 8 questions, 6 questions must be answered correctly


It is recommended that you purchase a K53 manual, here you will find all the information on
the rules of the road, road traffic signs, and vehicle controls. The test takes one hour to
complete. Remember to take your time, read each question carefully and always choose the ‘most correct’ answer.


The examiner will mark your paper immediately after writing the test and give back your
results. If you have successfully passed your learners license test, another fee will be
charged for issuing the license at this point. It is a legal requirement that you practice
driving with someone who has a valid drivers license and that you carry your learners license with you whenever you drive.


Learners License – Durban Driving License Testing Centres


Durban and KwaZulu-Natal have a number of municipal traffic departments where you may apply
for a learners license. It is advisable to apply for a learners license at your nearest
driving license testing centre.


Road Traffic Inspectorate centres can be found in:

● Rossburgh
● Pinetown
● Pietermaritzburg
● Empangeni
● Newcastle


Learners LicenseIn this article we have discussed when, where and how to apply for a learners license, and also what you need to study and the marks required in order to pass the learners license test.

A learners license is valid for 2 years, and you can book for a driving test at any time during this period. It is recommended that you book a date for your driving test immediately after passing your learners license as there are long waiting lists.



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